Our Story

Our story is about two friends who decided to make a simple idea into a reality in creating Hearty House. We wanted to bring the concept of our "Home" to your home. Taking care of our families and each other has been the core of our personal goals from day one.

We believe that good food brings family and friends together and healthy good food keeps them together. Wellness is about lifestyle and how we take care of each other to promote good health and create abundance.

We put our hearts into creating Hearty House as a way to bring us together as a community and change it for the better one day at a time. We hope to create opportunities, inspire others, and create a cultural shift that makes you feel good when you eat with us and share that with others.

We want our community to have an opportunity to get healthy food quickly. We know what you have been craving. We care about what you eat and we are excited to prepare it for you.

Our mission is to bring farm to table meals to your lips. We prepare our food fresh daily so that you can enjoy a healthy alternative on the go. Your daily meal should be exciting and our seasonal choice options will satisfy your craving for a flavor adventure.