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Business and Economic Development

Doing business in Indian Country presents unique challenges and opportunities.  It is well understood that the need for tribal economic development and diversification is great.  Most Indian nations and tribes, regardless of whether they have successful gaming enterprises, must develop and expand their economies.  But Indian nations are sovereign governments with their own legal systems, with U.S. federal and sometimes state laws relevant in establishing businesses on tribal lands.  Moreover, navigating the unique cultural and political environments of tribal societies adds to the development challenge. 

Robert Odawi Porter is experienced in successfully navigating the unique business development environment of Indian nations and tribes.  He can serve as your consultant on a particular business development project being contemplated on tribal lands anywhere within the United States.

Tribal Business Management

Odawi Tribal Strategies can assist you in establishing the appropriate management structure to develop successful businesses in Indian Country, as well as provide strategic advice on improving management practices.

Joint Venture Formation

Odawi Tribal Strategies can assist you in identifying potential tribal government, Indian or non-Indian business partners, structuring tribal business joint ventures, and identifying experienced developers and construction managers.

Access to Investment Capital

Odawi Tribal Strategies can assist you in identifying sources of banking and investment capital to support your start-up operation or your established tribal enterprise.

Tribal Holding Company Development

Odawi Tribal Strategies can assist you in drafting and implementing the tribal laws necessary to support the development of tribal government-owned holding companies to support economic diversification.


Odawi Tribal Strategies can assist you in creating the tribal legal environment necessary to support private-sector businesses, as well as providing advice to Indian-owned businesses.