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How Thimble Works

Subscribe to a monthly Maker Box.

Learn to code and assemble the kit with our Thimble Learning App.

Marvel at the awesome device you've just built! Customize the device as you improve your skills!

Learn By Doing

Whether you're just curious or already on your way to becoming a maker, we'll help you get the most out of the time you spend.

Follow the simple, structured videos and code lessons to assemble every kit. You can even make notes and add links.

Between the community forum, chat and weekly project webinars you'll get the support you need on every project.

Earn badges that showcase your actual progress and skills - Soldering, Programming Languages, Micro-controllers, Theory.

Learn Through Competition

For seasoned makers or those looking for a challenge.

Customize the build any way you'd like. Points for creativity and technical skill.

Submit a one minute video that showcases what your build can do.

Win cool hardware, subscriptions and get featured on our site.

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